Tips to Combat Snoring During a Flight – San Diego, CA

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One of the most common discomforts that people usually experience while riding in an airplane is the distracting sound of the engines. It hinders passengers to have a relaxing sleep, interrupt their focus while reading magazines or their favorite books as a way to ease boredom, and sometimes, it even affects communication inside the plane. But imagine sitting next to the person whose snores are as loud as the jet noise. Would it be still possible to take a nap in the middle of the ten hours long flight? Let’s try to reverse the situation. What if you are the snorer and the person next to you, let’s say an old sleep-deprived lady whose only chance for her to sleep is right in the midst of her business trip, would your conscience manage to disturb the woman’s “supposed to be good night’s sleep?.”

Snoring. A condition that affects millions of people in the U.S. It occurs when there is an obstruction of the flow of the air to the person’s air passages. Snoring could be occasional or habitual. Compared to infrequent snores, the latter is much more serious that it could be an indication of the sleeping disorder known as sleep apnea. For those who experienced it, we suggest having it assessed with us at Deluxe Dental. Our Sleep Apnea treatment can determine the cause of the patient’s snoring and establish the best procedure to cure it.


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Nevertheless, no matter what the level or degree of snoring, they still create the same annoyance and contribute to the person’s sleepless nights and fatigue whether during a flight or in the bedroom at night. To those who are aware that they already have this type of breathing disorder and would want to be more extra careful and considerate while flying, we give you these helpful tips!

  • Wear a tight flight sock during your trip as it helps get rid of the blood clot and aid Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) according to the research made by the University of Toronto.
  • When lying on the plane’s reclining chair, try your best not to sleep at your back. Instead, lie on your side to avoid blocking the airways that might cause you to snore.
  • Consider using an anti-snoring chin strap to keep your mouth closed while sleeping, the fact that snoring is more likely to happen when the mouth is open.
  • Do not forget to carry your neck pillow all the time. Aside from giving you a comfortable nap, it also helps elevate your head to avoid breathing difficulty.

Snoring is more than just a noisy activity. The sleeping disorder, sleep apnea, associated with it can be life-threatening if left unattended.


If you’re suffering from a sleep disorder that causes breathing pauses, then it may be Sleep Apnea! Book your appointment immediately at Deluxe Dental for Sleep Apnea Treatment in San Diego, CA. You can visit us at 3330 Third Ave., Suite #302 San Diego, CA 92103.