Tips for the Proper Maintenance of Dentures – San Diego, CA

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Many people who are missing a tooth or more may have availed of dentures. To others, it may be a simple appliance that is merely worn over the gums, but it actually requires proper maintenance like the natural oral structures. Proper care is necessary to retain its fit and appearance.


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Dentures made it possible for people to get a second chance for their smile, so it is essential to give the care it deserves. We at Deluxe Dental are here to help our patients by sharing some tips on how to keep theirs in great shape. So to perform proper care and maintenance, here is a list of suggestions!

Soak the device

It is best to soak the appliance in a glass of water or a mild denture solution overnight. Doing so is necessary since most dentures need to stay moist to maintain its good state. Before wearing the oral device that has been soaked overnight, it should be rinsed thoroughly to avoid vomiting, pain, and burns if the solution is swallowed.

Handle with care

When cleaning, patients should remember to handle the oral device properly without bending its clasps and plastic part. It is advised to clean the denture while standing over a sink full of water or a folded towel to avoid it from breaking when dropped. When not worn, dentures should be kept moist. Asking the dentist for the ideal type of soaking solution is best to avoid any problems. Do not use hot water for it may warp the appliance beyond wear.

Stop using toothpaste

Patients should brush and rinse dentures every day but not with toothpaste. The abrasiveness of the dental product can result to surface scratches. These scratches would not only make the appliance appear less natural, but it can also welcome the accumulation of food particles and other harmful substances.

Use the proper dental devices

It is highly recommended to use a soft-bristled toothbrush to avoid damaging or wearing down dentures. Hand soaps or mild dishwashing liquids can be used instead of toothpaste. If the dentist recommends any specific product, try to consider its use for it is regarded as effective.

For more tips and suggestions in keeping dentures in great shape, feel free to approach our staff at Deluxe Dental. It is essential for the prosthesis to be well maintained for it to function well.


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