The Proper Care and Maintenance of Braces During the Treatment – San Diego, CA

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Getting braces is the beginning of the journey in achieving the healthiest, most beautiful smile. Certain adjustments should be performed to ensure the success of the procedure while also maintaining the health of the teeth. To help new patients get the most from their treatment, we have prepared a list of tips that can help them properly care and maintain for the dental appliance.


Girl with Braces


  • It is common to experience soreness and tenderness for the first few days of the treatment, but it typically subsides after two to three days. The dentist may have given analgesic recommendations to help patients with their discomfort. Hang in there!
  • Irritations on the tissues in the mouth such as the tongue, lips, and cheeks are normal since it is getting used to the braces. Rinsing the mouth with a salt and water solution may sound old fashioned, but it is an excellent way for relief. If there are any sharp edges on the metal braces, using an orthodontic wax can keep it from harming any oral tissue.
  • Proper brushing after every meal should be observed, if it not possible, just make sure to rinse the mouth with water. It is advised to use a soft-bristled toothbrush and a fluoride toothpaste to keep the teeth as well as the dental appliance clean. Replace the toothbrush as soon as it shows the signs of wear.
  • Like brushing, flossing is a must and should be performed before going to bed. It ensures that food particles are adequately removed in between the teeth and also on the braces. Using a floss threader can help in getting under the wires for a more thorough clean.
  • While metal braces may have a few food restrictions, dietary adjustments are observed to ensure a successful treatment such as fruits, soups, tenderized meats, cooked grains, and bread.
  • Strengthening the enamel is also a good idea since it is where the metal brackets and wires are attached to. Adding foods that are calcium-rich, protein-rich, and sugar-free is best to preserve the health of the teeth as well as braces.
  • Avoid eating chewy and hard foods to keep the dental appliance and teeth on its tip-top shape. Do not use the teeth as tools to open or bite hard objects to prevent it from being chipping. If any damage occurs, it may jeopardize the entire procedure and results.

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